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Willow Tree® With Gratitude

Willow Tree® With Gratitude

Item Number: 28179



Product Description


With Gratitude
Filled with a golden light of gratitude

Size: 5.5" Tall figure
Standing figure in cream dress with darker skin tone and hair color, holding large bouquet of yellow calla lilies in arms.
Packaging box includes enclosure card for gift-giving.
Made with Resin

A gift for those who love dogs and treasure their companionship. Keepsake Boxes are small, sweet places to keep jewelry, accessories, notes. Hand-painted lid has three-dimensional carved figure affixed to it; lid is not attached. Inside, bottom of box reveals "Always with me, full of personality."

About the piece
Bright yellow calla lilies, representing thankfulness and appreciation, fill the arms of this figure just as gratitude fills the heart of one who practices it. Being filled with gratitude warms us like a sunny, golden day. What a wonderful way to acknowledge those who surround us with encouragement, care, love and joy… with gratitude.